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Unsere Tier-Liste verrät es. Dead by Daylight: Die Tier-Liste der Killer - Wer ist der Beste? Welcher der 23 Killer ist in Dead by Daylight gut und welchen sollte man meiden Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List *NEW* Patch 4.3.0 Tier List - DBD Tier List ft. Blight My Social Media Platforms ️.. The Nurse, The Spirit, The Hag. A Tier. The Oni, The Executioner, The Huntress, The Nightmare. B Tier. The Plague, The Deathslinger, The Ghost Face, The Hillbilly, The Doctor, The Cannibal, The Blight. C Tier. The Demogorgon, The Shape, The Legion. D Tier. The Trapper, The Pig, The Clown, The Wraith

Dead by Daylight Tier List Templates. Anyone who's started in DBD knows it can be hard to know which characters are best to main, and especially who are the best killers. These DBD tier lists are designed to help you find the strongest DBD character for your main. Use it as a guide to find the best killer for your experience, skill level and preferred playstyle. The DBD tier list community rankings are updated with each user submission or pick a template to create your own Dead by Daylight. But don't fret, we'll be addressing just which killers are the best - no matter if you're new to the game or not - in our Dead by Daylight Killers Tier list. Tier 1 - Very Strong; Tier 2 - Strong; Tier 3 - Average; Tier 4 - Weak; Tier 1 Dead by Daylight Killers The Spiri Best Killers Tier List. When starting out in DBD it can be hard to know who's best to main, especially if you've never played as the killer before. Each killer has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Youtuber DOWSEY posted a video recently ranking the killers from tier E-S. He based his list off of a few subjects including: Map control; Lethalit At the moment blight is definitly A-tier in my eyes, but the devs will see killer players improve with him and nerf his addons to the ground and give him three charges at base. Heard it here first.

Your lust for a kill is so intense that your connection with The Entity is momentarily lost, making you totally unpredictable. Upon gaining Bloodlust Tier I, you are granted the Undetectable Status Effect for as long as Bloodlust is active Beast of Prey grants 30 / 40 / 50 % bonus Bloodpoints for actions in the Hunter Category Now stepping into the low tier we have the Trapper, the Hag the Wraith and Freddy. Before continuing I have to mention that it is interesting how the Trapper stands out a fair bit compared to the other 3. We continue with Mr. Trapperino Evan McMillan, the original DBD killer. The Trapper's ability allows him to well place traps! These traps, when munching on a survivor's leg put the survivor in a injured state (or dying with add-ons) and allow the trapper to block off routes. Dead by Daylight The Blight Perks. Like every killer, The Blight has three special perks which are unlockable through the Bloodweb. After reaching levels 30, 35 and 40, The Blight's perks will become teachable, and will be available on the Bloodweb of other Killers. Here are what The Blight's perks do: Dragon's Grip. Want to punish the gen-rushers? After you kick a gen with this perk activated, for the next 30 seconds, the first survivor who interacts with it will scream and reveal. Our Dead by Daylight Tier List aims to guide you select heroes that best fit in with your personal play style for achieving the best gaming experience available. Our Rankings. S+ Tier - Very Overpowered S Tier - Overpowered, these heroes are dominant and excel to their play styles. They have seen enormous success in the pro competitive scene. If you want to win, you can never go wrong choosing any of the

Dead by Daylight: Die Tier-Liste der Killer - Wer ist der

Otherwise, she can feel a bit underpowered, compared to the other killers on this list. Hillbilly. Another top tier Killer, The Hillbilly can cover a lot of ground quickly using his chainsaw. This list will include the DBD killers Oni, Deathslinger, Executioner (Pyramid Head), Bli... Welcome to the Killer Tier List Dead By Daylight 4.1.0 part 5 2021 With the latest DLC in Dead by Daylight, it is time for a new killer tier list. This DBD tier list will go over the strongest killers ranked from the best (S Tier) to the worst (F Tier). I will be ranking these killers based on my experience as a red rank player and based on opinions from the community. I've also kept this updated for the latest updates and major changes. Even ones that.

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  1. KILLER PERK TIER LIST! (Pre-Blight) | Every Killer Perk Ranked | Dead by Daylight - YouTube. KILLER PERK TIER LIST! (Pre-Blight) | Every Killer Perk Ranked | Dead by Daylight. If playback doesn't.
  2. Blight's rush is so easy to counter and dodge that people calling him A tier is ridiculous, in my opinion. Mobility alone doesn't make a killer good; take Demogorgon, for example. Blight's power takes lots of skill and prediction to use, I'm sure, but the fact of the matter is his rush can be dodged by simply moving two inches to the left or right, or going behind a wall. I don't play Blight.
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  4. Best Killer perks in Dead By Daylight Icon Name Description Killer Tier Rate; Barbecue & Chilli . A deep bond with The Entity unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability. After hooking a Survivor, all other Survivors' Auras are revealed to you for 4 seconds when they are farther than 40 metres from the Hook. Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a stack-able 25 % bonus to.
  5. Talbot Grimes or The Blight is one of 23Killers currently featured inDead by Daylight . He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER XVII: Descend Beyond, a Chapter DLC released on 8 September 2020. 1 Overview 2 Lore 3 The Blight's Perks 4 Load-out 4.1 Weapon: Bonebuster 4.2 Power: Blighted Corruption 4.2.1 Power Trivia 4.3 Add-ons for Blighted Corruption 5 Achievements 6 Customisation 6.1.
  6. This website is a tier list for the game Dead by Daylight. The data is community based; you can give ratings to all the current killer perks and see the global tiers
  7. utes. I already know I'm gonna fucking hate this killer. Tier: Names: Your opinion is invalid: The Pig, The Huntress, Dwight Fairfield, Claudette Morel : Can have a little salami : The Ghost Face, The Spirit, The Nurse, The Deathslinger, Laurie Strode, Feng Min, Ash Williams, David Tapp, Jane Romero, Adam.

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This website is a tier list for the game Dead by Daylight. The data is community based; you can give ratings to your favorite perks and killers Build your own tier list for Dead by Daylight using our Tiermaker in a matter of minutes. Start creating now See what others have made . A quick example demo. Start creating now. No sign up required. A. David Tapp. Felix Richter. Jane Romero. Quentin Smith. The Deathslinger. The Oni. The Pig. The Trapper. B. Adam Francis. Bill Overbeck. Feng Min. Jake Park. Laurie Strode. The Blight. The. Dead by Daylight has a roster of killers that are both familiar and new. The Blight is the newest addition of ghouls to take control of and this guide will explain what he can do. Now with up to twenty-one killers available in Dead by Daylight, The Blight is the newest ugly head added to the list. He will be officially released with the Chapter XVII: Descent Beyond DLC on September 2020. This asymmetrical horror-survival game helped launch a slew of other iterations of this sub-genre that's.

Blight Cannibal Clown Deathslinger Demogorgon Doctor Executioner Ghost Face Hag Hillbilly Huntress Legion Nightmare Nurse Oni Pig Plague Shape Spirit Trapper Twins Wraith Ji-Woon Ha Tier Rate; Blight. B: 3.95. Ghost Face. B: 3.82. Plague. B: 3.81. Doctor. B: 3.78. Hillbilly. B: 3.75. Cannibal. B: 3.73. Wraith. B: 3.73. Shape. B: 3. These are Perks which start off only appearing in The Blight's Bloodweb. After achieving Level 30, Teachable versions of these Perks can be found: Dragon's Grip - Level 30; Hex: Blood Favour- Level 35; Hex: Undying- Level 40; Once obtained, other Killers will be able to find The Blight's Perks in their respective Bloodwebs from that point onwards Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List [Dead by Daylight Killers Ranked] Meet the best and worse Dead by Daylight killers Dead By Daylight has an ever expanding list of Killers, and with each new addition it seems that the list gets shuffled and rearranged with every new patch. As of patch 2.5.0, this is the Ranking list that I feel best portrays and exemplifies... 0 comments [Top 5] Dead By.

The hillbilly- one of the OG's that is still one of the better killers. Great map control. Sucks on claustrophobic maps though. A pretty basic killer, but a very good one. B Tier: Still good, but maybe can be easily managed by a good team of survivors. The plague- I was considering A tier for her but I feel like she it home in B. She has really good map control. Her vomit can make it easy to locate survivors. It's not a strong power in its own right as it takes too long to actually damage. Die Killer sind Charaktere in Dead by Daylight. 1 Überblick 2 Liste der Killer 3 Liste der Killer Fähigkeiten 4 Liste der Talente der Killer 5 Trivia Es wird dringend empfohlen, sowohl die Beschreibungen von Killer als auch Überlebende gründlich nachzulesen, um beide Seiten vollständig z Killers only see in first-person but are all unique and have different abilities to make the gameplay difficult for the survivors. Skill is required to play every killer, meaning some killers will be extremely difficult for new plays to excel with. Here is a tier list of the 10 best killers to play in Dead By Daylight. 10 The Demogorgo

We've spent a lot of time in Dead by Daylight - a lot - trying all of the available killers and their available perks. Not all killers have been created equally, and some killer builds are. He is far away from being a God tier killer but the way he annoys survivors makes him by far the best Mid tier killer in my eyes. I hear a lot of people flaming Cannibal players since the killer is unskilled (which is kinda true but, eh...). A lot of survivors also leave the game tilted when you play him since his Perks are the most annoying stuff to play against. BBQ and Chilly or Franklins Demise. Holy. That are some hellish Perks you don´t want in your game

Killer Tier Rate; Bamboozle. Doctor. B: 3.91. Bamboozle. Ghost Face. B: 3.91. Bamboozle. Nightmare. B: 3.82. Bamboozle. Twins. B: 3.75. Bamboozle. Demogorgon. B: 3.73. Bamboozle. Huntress. B: 3.62. Bamboozle. Blight. B: 3.59. Bamboozle. Spirit. B: 3.41. Bamboozle. Hag. B: 3.32. Bamboozle. Executioner. B: 3.17. Bamboozle. Deathslinger. C: 2.88. Bamboozle. Nurse. C: 2.5 Currently my too 3 killers I'm considering getting are The Legion, The Plague or The Blight. Almost have 9k of the purple shards, these are the killers that seem the most interesting to me currently but I'm open to suggestions to determine which I should ge This list is divided into 4 Tiers: A-Tier: Killers that can help you land easy 4ks at any rank- but with a high skill cap. The Nurse (98/100) The Hillbilly (93/100) The Spirit (90/100) The Doctor (85/100) B Tier: Your average Killers- good and decent all the way around, but often fall a bit flat at higher ranks. The Huntress (82/100) The Clown (78/100) The Legion (74/100) The Wraith (70/100 Exposed is one of the most powerful status effects that killers have in their arsenal, and can be activated through perks, add-ons, and certain killer powers. Haste. Survivors and killers who have the Haste status effect have their movement speed increased for a short time. Hemorrhage. The Hemorrhage status effect makes injured survivors bleed more. This creates blood splatters appear more often, making it easier for the killer to track the survivor and down them

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The Ultimate Stealth Survivor Build - Dead by Daylight April 28, 2021; Otz's Killer Tier List 4.7.0 | Dead by Daylight April 28, 2021; The Freddy nerf changes literally nothing. | Dead by Daylight April 28, 2021; PLAYING DEAD BY DAYLIGHT WITH A RED RANK AND PURP RANK April 28, 2021; CEL MAI BUN COMBO DE PERK-URI - Dead by Daylight Romania #20 In the Dead by Daylight tier list, you'll see a few familiar faces; especially if you're a big fan of the horror genre. This is because the game is no stranger to having collaborations and special projects with well-known horror franchises such as Silent Hill, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween among others. This only makes the game more exciting as you'll be able to play iconic characters

Killer Tier Rate; Barbecue & Chilli . Demogorgon. S: 4.75. Barbecue & Chilli . Nurse. S: 4.75. Barbecue & Chilli . Hillbilly. S: 4.75. Barbecue & Chilli . Blight. S: 4.7. Barbecue & Chilli . Spirit. S: 4.68. Barbecue & Chilli . Nightmare. S: 4.66. Barbecue & Chilli . Huntress. S: 4.62. Barbecue & Chilli . Plague. S: 4.62. Barbecue & Chilli . Shape. S: 4.59. Barbecue & Chilli . Pig. S: 4.56. Barbecue & Chilli . Oni. S: 4.5 No add-ons vs good swf team S(Great) : Nurse, Spirit A(Good) : Billy, Freddy, Oni B(Average) : Pyramid Head, Huntress, Leatherface, Deathslinger,Blight, Demogorgon C. New to Dead by Daylight and want to know what killers are good or don't know who to buy for DLC yet? Check out our Killer Tier list right here Dead by Daylight: Die Tier-Liste der Killer - Wer ist der Beste? Dead by Daylight: Die 10 besten Perks für Killer Auf Google Stadia könnt ihr nun Streamer direkt beeinflussen - So.

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All this in order to offer a complete material that allows you to correctly select your ideal killer. Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List: Part One . As we discussed previously, in this first stage of our Dead by Daylight Killer tier list we will show you the classification of each character that will give life to the worst nightmares of their victims This tier list covers each of the killers in Dead by Daylight, and highlights where they are strongest and weakest and how their perks play into the ranking. The killers are ranked according to. Related: Dead by Daylight Killer Guide: The Blight Players can unlock certain perks that make it easier to farm Bloodpoints in the game so they can unlock more teachables, reach the cap, or simply progress their character. Many perks are specific to the characters in the game. For Killers, there are a few perks they will want to be sure to get to help them earn the maximum possible number of. Tier: Unknown | 9-B. Name: Talbot Grimes, The Blight, The Alchemist Origin: Dead By Daylight. Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Alchemist | Killer Powers and Abilities: Transformation, Statistics Amplification, and Berserk Mode (via Pustulas Syringe), Genius Intelligence | Most of his former abilities plus Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, passive Fear Aura via The.

Die Fäule / The Blight. Die Fäule ist ein originaler Killer der Entwickler von Dead by Daylight und entspringt keinem bisher bekannten Franchise.Er kann in kleine Sprints verfallen und damit aus. Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List [Dead by Daylight Killers Ranked] [Top 5] Dead By Daylight Most Fun Killers; Share this Article: facebook; twitter; reddit; whatsapp; email; More on this topic: dead by daylight | DbD; Katelyn S. If a game has a good story line, chances are I will be hooked on it one way or another. I've been writing for games since i was a young teenager, and it brings me. Charms are an additional cosmetic of Dead by Daylight that were added with Patch 3.3.1. They were announced on Dead by Daylight's 3 Year Anniversary Stream. 1 Overview 2 'Awakening' Rift Charms 2.1 'Awakening' Tome Completion Charms 3 'Reckoning' Rift Charms 3.1 'Reckoning' Tome Completion Charms 4 'Escalation' Rift Charms 4.1 'Escalation' Tome Completion Charms 5 'Conviction' Rift Charms 5.1. Dbd killer tier list freddy rework. As a note a lot of this information has been gathered from a few different developer posts on the dead by. Myers is not a good killer at base. He was introduced as the killer of chapter vi. Tier 3 myers is a force to be reckoned with but i feel his power overall is a bit outdated. With the latest chains of hate dlc in dead by daylight it is time for a new.

Dead by Daylight The Blight Guide - Killer Powers, Perks, Best Add-Ons. News. September 2, 2020. Dead By Daylight is Coming to Next-Gen Consoles This Holiday Season. March 7, 2021 . Five Ideas For Other K-pop Killers and Survivors in Dead by Daylight. March 2, 2021. Dead by Daylight Dives into the World of K-Pop. January 21, 2021. Dead by Daylight Colorblind Mode Announced After Dev. It is also based on official data recently released by the developers of Dead By Daylight based on killer popularity and kill-rate. Dead by Daylight killers tier list 1

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Dead by Daylight The Blight Guide - Killer Powers, Perks, Best Add-Ons. September 2, 2020. Dead By Daylight is Coming to Next-Gen Consoles This Holiday Season . What We Talk About When We Talk About Fighting Games. Fanwidth Podcast Episode 036: Here Comes a New Challenger. Related Articles. PUBG Mobile Season 14 Week 7 Challenges - Tips and Tricks. August 18, 2020. PUBG Mobile Season 14. Dead By Daylight Update 4.6.0 Patch Notes: 'All Kill' Trickster Killer Changes For Chapter 19 By James Wright Editor-in-chief, Gfinity Esports James Wright's twitter profile. All Killer, No Filler. Jump To New Features Content Audio Changes Visual Updates Bug Fixes Known Issues Changes from PTB to Live Advertisement. Dead by Daylight update 4.6.0 is here and with it comes a bevy of new content. Dead by Daylight. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Dead by Daylight > General Discussions > Topic Details. Rootbeer at 3AM. Mar 28, 2020 @ 4:39pm Killer Tier List (03-28-2020) S TIER 1. Nurse 2. Spirit 3. Hillbilly 4. Doctor A TIER 5. The Shape 6. Huntress 7. Nightmare 8. Ghost Face 9. Deathslinger 10. Legion B TIER 11. Demogorgon 12. Hag 13. Oni 14. Dead by Daylight. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Dead by Daylight > General Discussions > Topic Details. JWarrior939. Oct 28, 2017 @ 6:45pm Killer Tier List? Just got back into the game as killer main and wanted to see what you guys think the best killers are from worst to best. State your lists below as they are most appreciated. < > Showing 1-15 of. The Blight's power is so incredibly basic, it does not seem like the kind of Killer Behaviour should be making since Dead by Daylight has been out for over 4 years. If we look at all the Killers in the game, there are a total of 6 other Killers that have dash mechanics in their powers. They are Leatherface, Hillbilly, Demogorgon, Pig, Oni.

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AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique in the Greater Houston area. Home; Locations; About me. Bio; Testimonials; Benefits; Applications; Lessons; Classes; Learn mor Dead by Daylight | Descend Beyond Patch Notes New Chapter. Unleash The Blight, an alchemist consumed by his research. Ambition brought him to the Entity's realm but his hunger for power destroyed him. Mutated and mad, his power, Blighted Corruption, provides him with unnatural abilities to quickly pursue and ambush Survivors. Plan your escape with Felix Richter, a successful architect who was. Dead by Daylight: Die Tier-Liste der Killer - Wer ist der Beste? Alle Killer in Dead by Daylight und wer der beste für dich ist Auf Google Stadia könnt ihr nun Streamer direkt beeinflussen. This list will focus on the best Dead by Daylight perks that are generally the most useful to new and experienced players alike. It will also specify the survivor or killer that the perk is.

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There are currently 22 killers you can play as in Dead by Daylight. Each killer begins with 3 perks that are unique to them but more can be unlocked through the bloodweb. There are 12 perks that. Funny enough, most of the top tier killers ranked pretty low. It's not hard to see why. Freddy is accessible, and he's really the only strong killer that is accessible. Everyone else requires a significant amount of skill. If you don't have that skill you can expect to fail miserably. But it isn't that hard to use Freddy's kit; place traps; teleport to gens. He's probably the. Descend Beyond is a new Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a Killer, The Blight, and a Survivor, Felix Richter. Purchasing the add-on will unlock its new Killer, new Survivor, and an exclusive item for the survivor: Felix's The World Class jacket. The Blight, a bright and ambitious chemist who sought to enhance humanity through the use of his compounds, only to become a victim of his. It is also based on official data recently released by the developers of Dead By Daylight based on killer popularity and kill-rate. Dead by Daylight killers tier list 1. The Nightmar It is also based on official data recently released by the developers of Dead By Daylight based on killer popularity and kill-rate. Dead by Daylight killers tier list 1. The Nightmare. The.

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Current Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List Please bear in mind, there is no official Killer Tier List for Dead By Daylight of the 12 Killers in the game, so everything we say is totally subjective Dead by daylight killer tier list dead by daylight has gained quite an audience thanks to its asymmetrical gameplay but picking the right killer is key to winning every match. Grants the undetectable status effect after gaining bloodlust tier i. Gain 30 40 50 more bloodpoints for actions in the hunter category. Dead by daylight killer tier list version 320. The one hit down chainsaw combined. OP tier- hillbilly A tier- prolly nurse but she needs skill to use, she's like c tier if you aren't good with her. B tier- trapper,myers C tier- wraith F tier- ha The Doctor, Shape, Cannibal, and Trapper average at least a (nearly) 70% kill rate at the highest levels of play, whereas The Blight only shows a 62% kill rate at Red ranks and 50% at all ranks, but that stat should be taken with a grain of salt as the newest Killer to the game has only been available since September 8 and there are relatively fewer points of data for him

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Create quick and easy tier lists for Dead by Daylight and share them with the world in seconds! Use the Dead by Daylight Tiermaker. Official Tier List. Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List. We have compiled a Dead by Daylight tier list using popular resources and references from pro players. View Official List Why this is one of the best Dead by Daylight toxic killer builds. This toxic killer build is pretty devious, and you Doctor mains will definitely want give it a shot. The purpose of this build is. Also, it's determined by how many Survivors disconnect when you make your presence known. Below is my top 5 picks, in order, on how fun a Killer is based on how flexible their power is, how strong they are and how much fun I have playing them. 5. The Wraith. Ringing the Bell for Survivors is cute

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Here's a quick list of ten killers we'd love to see in Dead by Daylight. 1 Jason Voorhees ( Friday the 13th ) I'll just start off by saying that I know this one isn't going to happen Felix Richter is the new survivor that will accompany the Blight killer in Dead By Daylight, and his perks are as follows: Desperate measures You refuse to fall, even during your darkest hour This speed and maneuverability in the face of obstacles that would hinder other killers make the Blight's power very effective. 6 Blackened Catalyst (The Hag) There are few killers who have as much area control potential as the Hag, a swamp witch whose power involved placing traps across the map in order to keep track of and move quickly toward survivors who aren't careful

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Dead by daylight survivor is a survival horror video game which you can play on your PC, Xbox, Playstation or even on the mobile phone. This is an online multiplayer game which is being played between 5 different players. In Dead by daylight survivor, you have to play the role of a dangerous killer and the other four players will be the survivors. Your role is to find and kill them. They have to hide themselves from you in order to save their lives. There are multiple characters in the game. The Blight Serum is a special add-on that can give any equipped killer the ability to perform the Blight's rush attacks. However, they will only have one charge that can only be replenished after. Dbd killer tier list perk. The status effect is removed once you lose bloodlust. I hope you enjoy my guide. With the latest chains of hate dlc in dead by daylight it is time for a new killer tier list. Each killer has their own set of perks which can be taught to other killers. By retaining the old rarities all three perk tiers can visually be easily. Myers is a killer many fans were excited. Myers is sick once you get out of Tier 1, and you will quickly unless you bump into people who *really* know how to keep line of sight from you. Even Tier 2 Myers is a wrecking ball, Tier 3 is just a bonu

The Blight, a bright and ambitious chemist who sought to enhance humanity through the use of his compounds, only to become a victim of his own ambitions, is the new Killer. After his research was. Dead by daylight killers tier list guide all dbd killers ranked. She is either with the nurse in the ss tier or the first killer in the s tier. Haemorrhage and mangled effects caused by sloppy butcher return to normal once the survivor is fully healed. 00227 the trapper 02424 the wraith missing. But there are some questionable choises. Your tier list is mostly accurate. Next page last page. Hex: Ruin (The Hag Perk) All generators automatically regress at 100/150/200% of the normal regression speed whenever they are not being repaired. Hex: Thrill of the Hunt (General Perk) For each. The killers are often the stars of the show, with most being original creations with their own gimmicks while some are famous antagonists from horror movies. If you're looking to play a killer in this game or just want to know more about them, then read on for our ranked list of all the Dead By Daylight killers. 15 THE NIGHTMAR Dbd killer perks tier list with happy clown colored pack dead by daylight survivor list. However while their perk builds might be the same each killer has a unique power that can make them stronger or weaker than others. List of killer powers. New patch 321 tier list. The dead by daylight wiki uses both the colours and rarities of the original rarity system that was in use up to patch 150.

Dead by Daylight Killers Tier List Guide - All DBD KillersDead by Daylight Killer Tier List | TierlistAoV Tier List, Hayate update - BMGAttackers Tier List | Pokemon GO GamePress

Httpstwitchtvdowsey heres my detailed 2020 dbd killer tier list for dead by daylight patch 371. The status effect is removed once you lose bloodlust. Dead by daylight killers tier list guide all dbd killers ranked. Either that or you take all perks at face value with no thought to synergy with. Halkys tier list v201. This dbd tier list will go over the strongest killers ranked from the best s tier to the worst f tier Dead By Daylight - Killer Tier list (Updated: March 2021) SS Tier - Godlike At the moment, there is no killer in Dead by Daylight that is extremely overpowered. S Tier - Very strong Spirit Sprits' power ability Yamaoka's... Dead By Daylight - Strong Diversion Build for Survivors. Survivor Builds March 7, 2021. Diversion Build for Survivors Welcome to our Diversion build for survivors. We've. Most recently, Dead by Daylight added the Plague, who made her debut on March 19. The Plague's addition to the list of Dead by Daylight killers means that there are now 15 killers in Dead by Daylight

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